Sitting on a bus right now heading to Puebla, Mexico. We’ve come for the Spread of Grace Ministries “Target” pastor training conferences. Its been a very smooth trip thus far.

Thanks to the generosity of some brothers and sisters at Calvary, and by the grace of God, we were able to bring a computer, IPod, and a printer for one of the missionaries here.

If you’ve ever traveled internationally you know that it is sometimes difficult to make it through customs with extra things like this. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to get the computer through (its a laptop) but the printer was another story. It was free with the purchase of the computer and an unexpected blessing. But I thought I would just leave it behind.

When I told a friend about this he said, “Why don’t you just pray?” I’m a pastor…I know that you’re supposed to pray. But not once did I consider asking God to open the way for His unexpected blessing. I was rebuked and reminded. God answers prayer. And so we prayed…the folks at Wednesday night service prayed…we prayed on the way here.

Got to the Customs desk and went right through. No problems at all. On our previous trips, as far as I recall, at least someone had a hold up at Customs. But this time no one…nothing.

As I was sitting here I heard those words echoing in my mind once again, “Why don’t you pray?” and I wanted to write and give thanks to God for His work of grace. And I wanted to remind you, “Why don’t you pray?”

I’m writing on my BlackBerry so please forgive any typos…and please pray for us.