I was reading Psalm 23 and the phrase “for His name’s sake” caught my attention.  I was surprised to find this phrase used over and over again in the Old Testament.  The Bible teaches us that God pardon’s iniquity, leads and guides, delivers and provides atonement, saves, deals with us in mercy, revives, blots out transgressions, defers His anger, refines and tests, does not break His covenant, does not leave us, and does not deal with us according to our wickedness all BECAUSE OF HIS NAME’S SAKE.
God does all of these things “for His name’s sake”.  It is for the glory, honor, and reputation of His name that He acts.  Now some would say, “No, God acts for us because He loves us.  That is why He does what He does.”

But I ask, is that the ultimate reason?  No!  It is not.  For even His love for us shouts out to the glory of His name.  We have not earned or merited His love—He loves not because He owes it to us—He loves because He is infinitely glorious.  He loves “to the praise of the glory of His grace” (Eph. 1:6).

So think about this:  God punishes sin for His name’s sake.  God delivers believers from that same punishment for His name’s sake.  God has chosen men in Christ for His name’s sake.  He has predestined me to be conformed to the image of His Son for His name’s sake.  God will give me an eternal home in heaven for His name’s sake.  God never forsakes His children, even when they sin, for His name’s sake.  God always pardons their sin, for His name’s sake.  God will save anyone who calls on the name of the Lord for His name’s sake.

The next time that you are feeling down on yourself—like your not worthy…GOOD!!!  Remember that He acts for the glory of His name and that He will not stop acting and working for the glory of His name.  Your worthless worthlessness is nothing compared to His infinite riches in glory.  He will not trade in His glory despite me and you!

And finally, when you pray, pray “hallowed be THY name!”