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When we woke up (whenever it was that we woke up before coming on this trip) it was snowing giant snow flakes.  In a relatively short time we made it to the equator in another country on another continent.  And now I am sitting here writing this update having just finished dinner but still nursing the after-dinner coffee.   I am looking forward to sleeping tonight (it’s about 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night here), and I think the mosquitoes are looking forward to some “muzungu” meat tonight.

Our travel was amazingly smooth, even arriving at our destination a bit early.  Once again it was an opportunity to taste grace.  It began with our brother Len who got up early to take us to the airport.  It continued when he stopped at McDonald’s to treat us all to breakfast.  Grace tastes a lot like an Egg McMuffin these days!

We boarded the flights…exit row seating the entire way and lots of empty seats around us.  Grace feels like stretched out legs in economy class of Ethiopian Airlines.

As I said, our flight to Entebee arrived early and we waited for our friends to pick us up.  We were so glad to see Vincent (pictured below) and Michael!  They took us to our hotel where we enjoyed a quick 15 minute rest and a nice shower.  Then it was off to see the progress on the former Camp El Har–now called Upendo Christian School. This is really an amazing work…and there’s lots left to do here.  I am sure that we’ll be bringing a work team back soon!  Grace is the voice and embrace of a friend, a co-worker who you haven’t seen for a while.

Our friend Vincent, the AMG Uganda Administrator

Grace surrounds us!