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It has been an absolute joy to be a part of Calvary Bible Church.  The Lord has used this Body to bring spiritual blessing and maturity to me and to many, many others.  I love being a pastor and more specifically, I love being a pastor at Calvary Bible Church.

The church, and it’s local expression, is God’s plan for the world.  There is no sweeter place to be that where Jesus is, and Jesus is in the midst of His church.  I received a special surprise this morning when I received two documents from Rodney Helder, son of founding pastor, Warren Helder.

One of those documents was a manuscript from the one year anniversary celebration at Calvary Bible Church.  It was written/delivered on December 30, 1950.  I will soon make the full document available, but I had to share a portion of it.  This portion really marks the joy of a people at the Word of God–the very foundation of God’s church.  It is the reason that we exist and the source of spiritual life for every believer.  Pastor Helder spoke of four categories of blessings that the young church family had enjoyed.  This excerpt begins to identify the “second category” of blessing.   May these words encourage not only every member of Calvary but every member of every local church to the glory of God:

The second blessing for which we thank the Lord is the salvation which came to sinners; and also the revival which came to those who had grown cold along the way.  Some of us came from churches where the sermon meal consisted of nothing more than a small bowl of thin cracker soup served once every two weeks.  As a result of such a diet, we were undernourished.  We were spiritually weak and half starved.  But, now that we are feasting upon the Bread of Life, the rich Manna from Heaven, we find that we are getting meat on our spiritual bones and are getting fat.  We are getting stronger.  Some of us are now able to stand on our feet, which were once weak and frail, and give a testimony.  We are getting new life.  We are being revived.  How we thank God for this!  Nothing makes a church grow fat and strong like the precious Word of God.  How we delight to have the Lord talk to us from His Word.