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Recently I have experienced a collision of Biblical truth. And I am still trying to recover from the mind-quaking and heart-pounding results of that collision.

Our study on Biblical prophecy at CBC has been going on for years now. It began in the Book of Daniel and has taken stops in Zechariah and Ezekiel. The most recent stop has been in the Book of Revelation. There is, in this Book, an astounding revelation of the glory of Christ. He is revealed as the One who is walking in the midst of His churches as well as the One who is able and willing to take the scroll from the hand of the One seated on the throne. He is revealed as the coming King who will dispense the eternal wrath of God upon the godless and wicked.

In chapter 6 we begin to get a glimpse of that awful wrath that will pelt the earth in the full torrents of the judgement of the Almighty. There is a series of three waves of the wrath of God that stream out upon the earth during the time known as “the Tribulation and Great Tribulation”. The first wave is brought in the loosening of “seven seals”, the second wave in the sounding of “seven trumpets” and the third in the pouring of the “seven bowls”. Famine, death, destruction, demonic invasion, not to mention the extreme burning of the sun and the quaking of the earth, are just a few of the ways in which the wrath of God is poured out. All of this culminating in the casting of the godless into the Lake of Fire.

All of this is the righteous indignation of God–the wrath of God. And as I have viewed the revelation of this truth I have been shocked. Shocked at the reality of the wrath of God. Shocked that so many remain under the judgement of God.

But the most profound amazement was produced this past week during my time at Camp Susque. We spent the week examining the seven sayings of Christ from the cross. When I came to the fourth saying, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?” It was then that I came to grips with the fact that Christ was taking on Himself the wrath of God that was rightfully mine. And having gotten a picture of that wrath from the book of Revelation, there was produced in me a tremendous sense of humility, gratitude, worship, and wonder. In other words, I have escaped that wrath that is yet to come on this earth because Christ endured the wrath of God in my place.

Go ahead, read Revelation 6-19. Read it and weep. Read it and repent! And, if you know that you have been delivered from that wrath, why then, read it and worship!