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Have you ever wished you had a better understanding of how the books of the Bible fit together? Or maybe there is a book that has been particularly puzzling to you. Maybe you have had a question about a particular teaching of Scripture and want to better understand it. Have your questions answered as you go deeper in your understanding of God’s Word. Beginning in January 2012, Calvary Bible Church will introduce CBC Biblical Training.  

CBC Biblical Training is a series of  certificates in biblical studies.  The courses are open to anyone who would like to go deeper in their study of the Bible.  Each student will be better equipped to study the Scriptures for themselves, and to teach it to others.  Foundations in Biblical Studies is our first course of study certificate and it consists of two classes with 10 hours each of instruction.

The first class we will be doing is an overview of the Old Testament. Understanding the Old Testament is a course by Dr. Paul House and is an overview of the content and themes of the Old Testament.  Similarly, the second course is Understanding the New Testament and is taught by Dr. Craig Blomberg.

The course requires approximately one (1) hour a week and will last for 11 weeks. No travel or class time is required. You will be able to listen to each lecture at anytime during the scheduled week. After listening to the lecture you will then complete a quiz. Pastor Rodney Pearce, Associate Pastor of Counseling and Discipleship will be co-ordinating and supervising CBC Biblical Training and will moderate the online forum.

Registation is open now!  The cost is $40 for the certificate (covers both courses).