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Thanks for praying for the ministry of SGM here in Mexico.  I’ve only been here a few days but it’s really been a wonderful trip thus far.

I arrived in Puebla late on Monday night after a fairly uneventful flight into Mexico City.  The landing(s) were pretty rough though.  It seems that the weather kept us from landing and we did miss the runway four times.  I’ve never been blown around like that before.  But, by the grace of God and the wisdom of the pilot, we touched down and the trek began.

Tuesday morning we left for the little village of La Union in the mountains.  The views, as you can see were breathtaking!We were up as high as 7 or 8,000 feet or so and as low as about 2500 feet.  It was about a three hour trip on winding roads and it was good to finally arrive at Alpha and Omega Church.

The conference began by examining God’s Word on the necessity of preaching the Word. The 18 men were attentive and responsive as we made our way through 2 Timothy 2 and 3.

These men came mostly from Totonacan Indian villages.  They were eager to learn and were obviously willing to work hard.

We were amazed together as we studied Colossians 1 at the absolute glory of Christ.  The Lord addressed issues of false teaching both from within the church as well as on the outside.  Cult groups such as Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons have already made their mark in this area and the Truth in Colossians exposed error.  The Truth of the glory of Christ caused us to be humbled as we considered his majesty.  The glory of Christ in the creation all around us provided a wonderful backdrop for the revelation of Christ in His Word.

Some of the men obviously had a hard time keeping up with reading and writing, either because they couldn’t read or because the conference was in Spanish and not in Totonacan.  But they worked hard.  They entire group worked through planned breaks throughout the day on Wednesday and even asked to continue the teaching into the night on Wednesday.  We finally stopped around 9:00 p.m. or so.

Juan told us that he was ready to give up the work of the ministry because of many physical problems but he had resolved to continue on after the conference.  He shared that he had been suffering from severe headaches and that the Lord took them away during the conference, allowing him to concentrate and to be refreshed.  Andres (in the picture) said that he was only being a pastor because there was no one else to do it.  As the conference continued you could visibly see him appropriating the encouragement.  He scored very high on his exam and seemed to grasp the concepts of Biblical preaching.  Domingo spent nearly 2 hours working on his exam.  He probably couldn’t read very well, but he worked hard.  I was glad to see him leaving breaks early only to get back to his bench to study more.

They graciously received the resources that we brought.  We didn’t have the funds to be able to provide all of the resources and we hope to be able to do that next time.  It will cost about $600.00 to purchase the other bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, and theology books.  If you’d like to give, please contact SGM.

The Cross-Life conference begins tomorrow (and Sunday) at La Iglesia Cristiana Dios es Amor.  And then another Equip conference begins on Monday through Wednesday with another group of pastors.  Cory should arrive today and it will be good to see him and join together in proclaiming the majesty of the glory of Christ here in Mexico!