Like many, I viewed the pictures and video clips of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy with a lump in my throat.  We were spared of much of the havoc from the storm here in my area.  And I must admit that I thought that most of the pre-storm hype was just that…”hype”.  But nothing could’ve been further from the truth.

But what can we do?  I mean we are just a small group of people in a pretty insignificant part of York County, PA.

We were so glad to have Evangelist Tom Mahairis here with us at Calvary Bible Church the weekend before the storm.  He is from New York City and we asked him how we could help.  Then we heard from Grace Bible Church of Bozeman, MT as they wondered how they could help with storm relief.  A few emails and FaceBook posts later we had the beginnings of quite a movement.  Soon GracePointe Church of Madison Heights, VA offered their help.

Turkey Hill Dairy donated 900 bottles of water and folks that I’ve been coming in contact with have been donated hundreds of dollars.  Fox 43 News is helping us to publicize the work.

We might not be able to do much…not like the large organizations that are working there now.  And I am SO thankful for those kinds of mass outreaches.  They can really reach the masses.  We are hoping to come alongside of those kinds of organizations and do the person-to-person kind of work that will meet people where they are.

The supplies begin coming in…400 of the 1200 water bottles


Stay in touch here so that you can follow up with the work this week.