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For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.  (2 Corinthians 4:15 ESV)

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Spread of Grace Ministries exists to glorify God as a catalyst for the spread of His grace by equipping local church pastors leaders to study, believe, and preach the Bible and to strengthen the local church.

In a few days we’ll be traveling to Bweyale, Uganda and Wonji, Ethiopia to conduct SGM’s “Equip” Conferences.  I hope to post frequent updates here (as internet access is available).

The late Dr. Stephen Olford was known for saying, “ministry to ministers is ministry to multitudes.”  SGM believes that the most effective way to reach the multitudes of unreached around the world is by effectively equipping national pastors and church leaders for the work of ministry.

The “Equip” Conference aims to equip pastors and church leaders in the most rural or neglected villages and small towns of under-developed countries to provide those leaders, who do not already have ready access to training materials and instruction, with both materials and instruction to assist in ministry within the local church.  Those who attend “Equip” conferences are entrusted with valuable study resources and training with the goal that they will be able to study, believe, and preach the Bible in their local churches.

These conferences are held in the local setting of the attendees.  SGM provides the training team, and food, lodging, conference supplies, etc., for the conference attendees in order to make it possible to dedicate the conference time to study and preparation.    SGM relies on donations to fund each Equip conference.  Your donation to the SGM General Fund will provide training for up to 300 pastors in 2013.  This year, we are planning extensive training conferences in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Mexico.  We are also in the planning stages for the beginning of work in South Africa.  In order for this ministry to happen, we will need approximately $15,000.00.      

“Equip” conferences provide a unique and strategic partnership opportunity for local churches to combine resources and talents for the sake of the Global Advancement of the Gospel.  Sponsor churches can send training teams or other assisting teams as needed.  Interested in learning how you can join us in this training?  Please use this contact form to find out how you can be involved.