We have just returned from the town of Bweyala, Uganda. That town is about 3 hours NW of Kampala. The area has been torn by war and fighting for many years but is now healing and growing. There are still refugee camps there in the area and we’ve been invited to visit there and minister–something we hope to do in the near future.

The Bweyale Pentecostal Church hosted the conference. I was quite surprised that the Pentecostal church would host this event but I found the brothers there to be quite hospitable and very receptive to the teaching. The Pre-conference seminar was scheduled to last three days and as we finished we realized that we needed more time.

On the first day of the conference we welcomed about 40 men and women. Here in Africa, it is very common to find women serving as pastors. This is just one of the areas that we must address with the Biblical teaching. But on the second day the “building” was overflowing with people…folks had come from everywhere to gather inside the shabbily-constructed room to hear the Word of God. Both young and old sat on very small benches for hours and hours, without moving and only occasionally making a sound. The questions began to fly at the end of each session. Most of the questions were centered around the issue of false teaching. The Prosperity Gospel lie is so prevalent here and I was surprised to hear folks who were part of what was called a “pentecostal” church express their misgivings about the whole movement.

One question that was brought to me this afternoon was particularly disturbing. The young pastor asked if he was correct in thinking that we really did not need to offer sacrifices anymore. You see, false teachers and witch doctors in the area here often tell the people that they must offer a sacrifice if they find difficulties in their life. Conveniently enough, those sacrifices are accepted by the false teacher who quickly pockets the money or eats the beef/goat/etc. that’s been offered.

Tomorrow I will preach at Logogo Baptist Church in the morning before flying out to Ethiopia in the evening. We hope to arrive at the conference site on Sunday night so that we can be prepared for the early morning start on Monday. I will begin teaching the book of Romans then and try to complete that by Wednesday night.

My voice is not holding out the best and Misiker’s back seems particularly painful for him. Of course, your prayers would be much appreciated.

We hope to have a video report for the church next Sunday evening at Calvary (6pm) and we’d love for you to join us!