It’s Thursday morning here in Ethiopia and we’re just getting ready to begin the trip home. We concluded SGM’s “Equip” Conference here having made it all the way through the Book of Romans in three long days.

SGM’s equip conferences consist of a 4 year course of study designed to help local church pastors and leaders study, believe, and preach the Bible. We begin with a “pre-conference” that lays the foundation for the program. We conducted that seminar in Uganda this year.

Grace Bible Church of Bozeman, MT has been such an important partner in the ministry here in Ethiopia. They have faithfully sent teams not only to teach but to conduct children’s ministry training and even construction and medical teams. Our time in Ethiopia these last few days was meant to supplement the GBC work here by teaching through Romans.

Forty students showed up early and stayed through three full days of teaching. Their thoughts on various doctrines were challenged. We encouraged them to apply good principles of Bible study as they sought to understand doctrinal truth. They were particularly interested in learning from Romans 9-11 and we spent about half a day there.

The question and answer sessions were lively, encouraging, and productive. And as we finished the course, they eagerly asked if we could arrange other intensives on other books such as Daniel and Revelation.

We would love to continue sending teams to these kinds of places. If you are interested in going on a team or even joining SGM as an Assoc. Teacher, please go to and use the contact form to communicate your interest.

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us during this time. These conferences are expensive to conduct (our costs for travel alone were $3,500 just for this trip) but we continue to see very encouraging results.

We will be giving a full report this Sunday evening (1/20) from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Calvary Bible Church, 125 Calvary Church Road, Wrightsville. Please join us!