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Spread of Grace Ministries exists to expand the reach of the grace of God by equipping national church pastors and leaders, in the most rural and neglected areas of the world, to study, believe, and preach the Bible and to strengthen the local church.

For the past four years Spread of Grace Ministries has been working with local churches and Puebla, Mexico to conduct our Equip Conferences.

The “Equip” Conference aims to equip pastors and church leaders in the most rural or neglected villages and small towns of under-developed countries to provide those leaders, who do not already have ready access to training materials and instruction, with both materials and instruction to assist in ministry within the local church.

Having completed the first four-year training in Puebla, we are anticipating expanding that training to pastors in the mountain villages in the North of the state of Puebla. In October 2013, we will continue the training with a group of 15 Totenac-speaking pastors in La Union.

We currently need to fund the next level of training together with the remaining resources for this next group of students. Approximately $1,000 will provide the next conference and begin to provide the necessary books and resources to continue the training.

You can go to www.SGM.org to give to sponsor the next Equip Conference in Mexico. Please use the “General Fund” option and memo your gift for “Equip: Mexico”.