Just trying to make some sense of the political mess that is American government. I need an anchor for my soul especially today. When I listen to the D.C.-speak and spin-machines that is the news media, I find myself entering the “despairingly angry zone” in both attitude and action. This is the case with the most recent “Affordable Care Act Debacle”. Part of me wants to lash out at the foolishness of my fellow citizens who would even consider voting in favor of the present administration. Another part of me laments the fact that there wasn’t a viable “other” choice on the ballot last year. The No-backbone group of lawmakers and immoral rulings of our courts rounds out the disappointment and flings the door open to feelings of bitterness and hopelessness. And there’s no hope on the horizon.

The only anchor for my soul is the eternal and transcendent Truth about the One True God Who towers above the political morass. While I am understandably saddened/agitated at what has become the circus-like environment surrounding the POTUS, etc, I long for those things to point me to the Supreme Sovereign.

First, I am reminded that God cannot lie, in fact, He doesn’t want to. The President and other politicians lied about their plans for the Affordable Care Act. Whatever their reasons for speaking anything less than the truth, they’ve taken a chunk out of any remaining vestiges of respect that we may have had. But the One True God does not lie. Thankfully, the I truthfulness of our leaders only serve to point us to the One who does not lie. God always keeps His word.

Thoughtless and ungodly people should remember this lesson, and be afraid. Whatever they may think, God will keep his word. If they repent not, they will surely perish. True Christians should remember this lesson, and take comfort. Their father in heaven will be true to all his engagements. He has said, that he will save all believers in Christ. If he has said it, he will certainly do it. “He is not the man that he should lie”. “He remains faithful-he cannot deny himself.” (2 Tim. 2:13) (JC Ryle).

Maybe you’re amazed as I when we hear our leaders blame everyone and everything else for their failures. It’s someone else’s fault. And after all things happened that are outside of “our control”. There is room for yet another reminder: nothing is ever outside of God’s control.

So, in the end, how do we respond?

1) Trust God

President Obama is not in charge of healthcare…God is.

2) Take your responsibilities seriously

Vote, contact your reps, and take advantage of the rights that are afforded under our current laws.