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Ministry to ministers is ministry to multitudes

Those words still resonate with me as they did when I first heard Dr. Steven Olford speak them. Now, nearly two decades later, Spread of Grace Ministries exists to expand the reach of the grace of God by equipping national church pastors and leaders in the most rural and neglected areas of the world, to study, believe, and preach the Bible and to strengthen the local church.

This month we are focusing on the countries of Ethiopia and Uganda.

Misiker Kebede, (SGM Executive Director) and a team from Freedom Fellowship Church (Mifflinburg, PA) led by Pastor Steve Stoltzfus are on their way to conduct the “Equip” Pre-Conference Seminar in Sodo, Ethiopia.

This will be SGM’s first meeting in Sodo–a location that the Lord has orchestrated for SGM and the Equip Conference.  Last year, during another trip to Ethiopia, Misiker had need to go to Sodo for another purpose and while he was there he met a man named Henuk.  Henuk asked about SGM’s ministry and when he heard of our purpose he immediately asked for a team to come to his local church in the Sodo region.  Misiker explained that we’re only able to go where the local church invites us and where we have the funding for such a work.  He said that we would certainly pray about the possibility and see if the Lord would provide.

In the meantime, my wife had met Steve Stoltzfus and his wife through a mutual friend. Steve talked about his love for Ethiopia since he and his wife had adopted two children from Ethiopia.  Joanie told them of SGM’s work in Ethiopia and they expressed an interest in learning more.  It wasn’t until several months later that I met Steve and we talked of his passion for Ethiopia and the growing interest of Freedom Fellowship Church.  He explained that he really had a desire to go to a town called Sodo!

From there, it’s obvious that the rest is history…His story!  Praise the Lord for such an evident work through frail humans!  And please be praying for Misiker, Pastor Steve, the team, and Freedom Fellowship Church as they embark on this ministry venture.


On Monday, SGM will send a team back to Bweyale, Uganda to conduct the first year training for pastors and church leaders.  Bweyale is relatively close to the Sudan border and the area includes a rather large refugee camp…many of the trainees come from that camp.

By God’s grace, we were able to secure 30 MacArthur Study Bibles for the first year training.  We still need at least 20 more of the Bibles and are praying for the funding for the remaining resources for the next 3 years of training.

The travel plan is quite ambitious as I am hoping to limit my time away from the family and church here at home.  So, we will leave on Monday and travel for nearly 24 hours until we reach Bweyale and begin the conference on Wednesday morning.  We hope to finish up on Saturday and make it back to Kampala to join our friends there at Lugogo Baptist Church for the Sunday morning service before we fly back home late Sunday night.

Thank you for praying for both of these trips and the continued ministry of SGM around the world!

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