Having just returned from the Spread of Grace Ministries “Equip” conference in Bweyale, Uganda, I am still stunned at the immense impact of false teachers in that area. We rode past caravans of the Ugandan army and their tanks and supplies as they headed to the war in South Sudan. But we were also right in the middle of a different kind of war…the war for spiritual truth.

I find myself praying constantly for those who attended the conference–maybe like the Apostle Paul did for those Ephesian elders back in Acts 20 because he knew that savage wolves would come in from among them. The prosperity gospel, influenced by the likes of Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, and T.D. Jakes ( to name a few) has pillaged and ravaged the church in that area unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Their teaching simply replaces the traditional village witch doctor (see Conrad Mwebe’s “Strange Fire” address).

As I am considering the impact of false teachers in Uganda, I realize that SGM has another team engaged in a similar ministry in Soddo, Ethiopia. Today, I received this from SGM’s executive director Miisker Kebede, only reinforcing the reality of the rampant spread of false teaching all over Africa:

Good to hear from you brother. Glad to hear you arrived in Uganda safely and the training started well. I am feeling better each day. We finished the Pre-Conf. yesterday. It went very well. God gave us the grace and needed body strenght to stand before the men and women to deliver the truth in God’s word. Steve did a great job of teaching the material. We definitely see the impact of the faith teachers’ strong influence in this area. Need a lot of prayer and better organization from this side. We had 12 full time pastor’s and evangelists, four elders from two churches and around 30 men and women participated. Questions raised: Apostles and prophets in today’s church, gifts of the Holy Spirit exercised today are the two major ones.

Our little work is just a drop in the ocean…but it’s a drop. We need help…will you help in the battle?

Pray, get informed, and give!