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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the tendency of parents to think more highly of our children than we ought to think.  I’d like to add to that and hopefully further the discussion.

As parent’s there are lots of opportunities to see both our short falls and successes in the parenting realm as reason either to despair or gloat.  Indeed many are basing their significance in life on the results of what they believe to be their parenting prowess or deficiency.  So, if a child “turns out right” (whatever right is supposed to be) then we feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  But, when our children don’t; measure up to a perceived standard then a sense of despair sets in as we wonder “what I did wrong”.

Obviously there is great joy when we see our children excelling and the opposite when they don’t do so well.  I’m not disputing that or necessarily disparaging it.  Neither am I trying to take away from the necessity of putting in the time to the hard work of Godly and Bible-centered parenting.  My point is to say that your parenting does not add one thing to your standing before God.  You are complete in Christ and in Christ alone (cf. Col. 2:10).

So, your kid did well in school?  Great!  But that doesn’t add one iota to your standing before Christ.  He excels in sports?  Excellent!  Yet that doesn’t validate all of your parenting decisions over the years.  She’s a hard worker and he’s more diligent than his peers?  Thank the Lord, but you needn’t make that your significance.

She’s not so bright academically?  Fine.  That doesn’t detract from your significance before the Father.  He’s made a mess of life?  I weep with you.  But that’s not taking away the merit of Christ’s mercy for you.

You are complete in Christ apart from your parenting abilities!