I’m currently engaged in a study of the Gospel of Matthew. It’s a spiritually rich and invigorating study! I’d encourage you to spend time reading this Gospel and reflecting on the Truth that God reveals.

This morning I came across perhaps the most profound thought in my reading in 9:23-25:

when Jesus came to the ruler’s house and saw the flute players and the crowd making a commotion, he said, ‘Go away, for the girl is not dead but sleeping.’ And they laughed at him. But when the crowd had been put outside,he went in and took her by the hand, and the girl arose.

The crowd laughed at Jesus. And to be sure, this was a mocking and unbelieving kind of laugh. You can image the sneers and insults that must’ve been heard from the crowd. Their unbelief is clear. The Roman Centurion believed. Yet these do not. And is it any wonder that right after we read of their mocking unbelief, we read that they had been put outside? He does not reveal Himself to unbelievers. And mark this down: only those to whom Jesus wills to reveal Himself will believe in Him (cf. Matthew 11:25-29). It is God’s gracious will that hides the Truth from those who think they are wise and understanding but reveals the Truth to “little children”. No one can know God except those whom the Son chooses to reveal Him (Matt. 11:27). Therefore the response to this Truth is: “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest” (Matt. 10:28). The “heavy laden” don’t laugh at Jesus, they trust Him.