I’m including the text of our most recent SGM President’s Update…
Dear Friends of SGM,
As we look forward to the Fall and Winter of 2014, we are planning several ministry and training trips to the African Continent.
Brother David Otema (SGM Uganda Director) is dealing with health problems but has been faithfully at the work of raising up preachers in Uganda.  A team of four will travel to Bweyale, Uganda (Oct. 31-Nov. 10) to conduct our most important training to date.  In addition to the training of pastors and leaders, we will be gathering a group of 8 faithful men who will be attending a 2-day intensive on Biblical preaching.  Joanie Fauth and Drenee Fregm will accompany us and will join Winnie Otema in ladies ministry.  We will also visit the Refugee Camp in the area and consider ministry possibilities there.
Misiker Kebede will lead another team to Wonji, Ethiopia.  The team is made up of faithful friends and co-workers from Grace Bible Church (Bozeman, MT) on October 17- November 13.  In addition to the training of pastors and church leaders, the team will conduct a medical clinic.  These clinics have become so valuable for ministry in an area that is dominated by the Orthodox church and a growing Muslim population.
It is my goal to raise up faithful financial supporters for ministry such as this.  Many of you have committed to supporting SGM on a monthly basis.  However, we need to raise another $15,000 for these trips as well as to fund the next wave of ministry.  These funds will be used to purchase Bible dictionaries, concordances, Study Bibles and Systematic Theology works, airfare, food for the EQUIP conference attendees, medical outreach, and put us in a good position to face ministry in the coming New Year.  If you would be interested in receiving an itemized list or budget for these funds, we’d be happy to
Would you consider a special gift to SGM to help?  Thanks for your involvement thus far in the work of SGM.  And thank you for taking the time to pray for us.  We appreciate your partnership!
God’s grace to you,
Joe Fauth
Please send your gifts to:
125 Calvary Church Road
Wrightsville, PA