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From time-to-time I read Thoughts for Young Men by J.C. Ryle. It is a wonderful little book–so clear, so insightful, and so necessary for our day. I am considering using this as a resource for a class for young men and women in our church in our next “Body Builders” session.

I came across a quote regarding how most view the Bible:

Men may tell you that there are difficulties in the Bible; things hard to understand. It would not be God’s book if there were not. And what if there are? You don’t despise medicines because you cannot explain all that your doctor does with them. But whatever men may say, the things needed for salvation are as clear as daylight. Be very sure of this–people never reject the Bible because they cannot understand it. They understand it too well; they understand that it condemns their own behavior; they understand that it witnesses against their own sins, and summons them to judgment. They try to believe it is false and useless, because they don’t like to believe it is true. An evil lifestyle must always raise an objection to this book. Men question the truth of Christianity because they hate the practice of it.