The requests are literally coming in faster than we can even consider them.  “We need your help”, “Won’t you please teach us.”  “We know that we have been wrong, but there is no one to show us the right way.”

Those are the kinds of things we hear almost all of the time at Spread of Grace Ministries.

We have a passion.  That passion is to expand the reach of the grace of God by equipping national church pastors and leaders in the most rural and neglected areas of the world to study, believe, and preach the Bible and to strengthen the local church.

But there is a problem.  The problem is that we are not currently situated to do this effectively without sufficient resources and people.  Will you help?

For the next half of 2015 we need $15,000 to underwrite our training schools in Mexico, Ethiopia, and Uganda.  And we need people!  We specifically need teachers of the Word.  If you have been thinking that you could function as a teacher, please contact SGM today!

To give toward the goal for the second half of 2015, please visit Spread of Grace Ministries.