We finished our pastoral training conference in Bweyale, Uganda this evening.  We’ve been working with this group of church leaders for a few years now and there’s been a very evident change in them.   They are now becoming much more steadfast in their faith and practice.  You simply wouldn’t believe the overwhelming amount of false teaching and teachers here in Africa.  If you can dream it up…it probably is already in existence here!  Most of it comes from the U.S. from networks like T.B.N. and other “prosperity gospel” outlets.  And I want to tell you that those kinds of things are just ruining people here.    Moreover, there are just about every kind of cultic, Satanic, traditionally founded religion that you can imagine.  And these leaders have been tossed to and fro by them all.  

Yet, today we are finding them being more equipped and even standing in the midst storm of error–they are standing and thriving!

Today, we concluded the 30 hours of training in SGM’s theology course.  The course project, which is required in order to advance to the next level, calls for students to choose one of ten subdivisions of theology and write their understanding of that subject.  This may not seem to be a big deal to us but it is a huge deal to them.  Most of these people have not ever been to school.  They are thrilled to be learning in what is to them a formal setting.  

As we arrived at the conference site, I immediately noticed Kennedy, a man of about 65 years, sitting in the corner of the building where he was weeping.  He was too ashamed to talk to me, so David was able to speak with him to find out what was wrong.  It turns out that he had forgotten his glasses back in the village  (meaning he could not take notes and read along in class) and that he was also bothered by the fact that he had not finished his project.  This meant he would not be able to advance!  He was broken and literally weeping.  I had to turn away when I found out what was going on as my own heart was pricked.     

David offered to drive him back to the village and on the way discovered that Kennedy had stayed up the entire night working on his project.  He misunderstood and thought that he was supposed to write on all of the 10 subdivisions of theology and he hadn’t finished.  

I can hardly believe the amount of zeal these humble and grateful people are showing.  Kennedy is just one example of a man who is being faithful with the little that is being entrusted to him.  They have worked diligently and with great expectation and there is every evidence that they have learned well.  

Thank you for continuing to pray for us here as we have a few more days of work to do with Spread of Grace ministries.  There is still a team in Ethiopia and Cory Fregm will be traveling to Mexico on Saturday.  What a joy to be involved in work such as this.