I so loved singing Margaret Clarkson’s hymn “ O Father You are Sovereign” this past Sunday. It is a deep well of theological truth and a rich source of comfort for the Christian.

My friend, Nathan Birx, over at “Daily Dose of Dead Guys” has written a wonderful biography of Clarkson. He writes,

Margaret Clarkson became a living example of the power of God to preserve his people in trials when he chooses not to deliver them from their trials. There is truly a ministry of suffering that is reserved for those those who have been through the flames. We hear their voices more clearly, and through them we see that God can do for us in our lesser trials what he has done for them in their greater ones.

O Father, you are sovereign, the Lord of human pain, transmuting earthly sorrows  to gold of heave’nly gain. All evil
Over ruling, as none but Conq’ror could, Your love. Pursues it’s purpose, our souls’ eternal good.