GoIsrael 2020 Introduction

When Is the Tour?

September 3-13, 2020

Who is Planning this Tour?

Joe Fauth and his wife, Joanie will serve as the tour hosts for GoIsrael 2020!

In 2014, Calvary Bible Church, provided our family with a time in Israel.  I had never thought of visiting the land and didn’t really realize the impact that this would have on my life.  After that initial trip, we decided to lead another tour.  We thought that maybe going one more time would be good and then we would be done…however, the desire to lead another tour has grown!  Some years before our first trip to Israel,  we met Ronny Simon (an Israeli Tour guide) and we read his book “The Story of Israel”…and I determined that someday I would ask Ronny to guide our tour (even though he is in high demand).  Well, I spoke with Ronny and he introduced me to Nir Nitzan of Nitzan Travel Services, Ltd.  We agreed that Nir would be the agent for this tour and help us to plan everything.

So, Nir Nitzan (and his staff) will serve as the organizers of this trip together with my wife Joanie and I.  We are eager to see many in our church family join us for this tour and have opened this up to others who may be interested in joining as well.

What will We Do?

Please realize that our tour plans can change due to changing weather and political situations.  But we will seek to follow this basic plan.  As we mentioned, this tour will give special attention to Biblical teaching.  There will be 2-3 hours of teaching each day, so plan on bringing your bible and notebook!  We will fly from Newark International Airport on Saturday, September 5 and arrive in Tel Aviv early in the morning on September 6.  The tour will begin immediately!  We’ll head off to the home of Simon the Tanner in Joppa (Jaffa) and you’ll immediately be confronted with the importance of this city to the spread of the Gospel around the world.  

Our evenings will be spent at a hotel and we’ll enjoy a delicious buffet dinner (all breakfasts and dinners are included in your tour price).  On the first evening we may even be able to enjoy the beach at the Mediterranean Sea!

The next morning we set off for Cesarea, and Mt. Carmel and Megiddo and Nazareth…we’ll be amazed by the Sea of Galilee and have the opportunity to spend the night there.  We’ll enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and stop in the middle of the Sea and think about the subject “Does Jesus Care?” as we see the story of the calming of the Sea come to life before us.  Our time in Galilee in the North will be highlighted by a visit to a Kibbutz where we’ll see what’s been called “The Jesus Boat”—a boat dating from the time of Jesus that was discovered in 1986.

As we move Southward we’ll see the ruins of New Testament era Roman cities, Jericho, and Qumran (the site of the dead sea scrolls).  We’ll finish the evening by floating in the Dead Sea.  The next morning is a hike (or a cable car ride!) up Masada where we’ll learn the incredible story of the Jewish Freedom Fighters who help out against the Romans in 73 A.D.  

You will be exhilarated as we “go up” to Jerusalem to spend the reminder of our trip viewing sites like the Old City, Mt. Of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, and the Garden tomb. Of course, you’ll have time to shoot and enjoy Jerusalem with some added special experiences like “The Night Spectacular”—a moving sound and light show taking you through the History of Israel.   

How do we Get There?

We don’t have the flights confirmed yet (that can’t be done for a few months) but we will fly from Newark International Airport direct to Tel Aviv.  Once we arrive we will meet our Tour Guide or representative and board a very comfortable, climate-controlled tour bus (equipped with wi-fi, rest room, and coolers for water).  Our entire time will be spent on and off of the same bus.  We’ll get to know and love our driver as we interact with him/her.  

Who can Go?

Though the tour involves lots of walking (6-8 miles a day or more), you will find that it will be at a somewhat relaxed pace.  Sometimes participants will remain on the bus while others take in a site.  There will be a few sites that will involved uneven terrain and it can be hot.  That said, we feel as if anyone can go on this tour and we can make specific arrangements for those requiring handicapped accessibility.  Children should not be under 12 years of age.

How Much Will This Cost?

The tour is priced at $3995 for a double occupancy room (if you desire single occupancy rooms, the costs increases).  Should more than 25 join this trip (we will allow up to 30), the price will decrease by about $150 per person. This includes all of your flights, taxes, hotels, porterage, transfers, etc.  It includes all buffet breakfasts and dinners in-country (not including times in the airports).  It also includes one day’s lunch.  Other lunches are at your own expense.  Typically folks decide to skip lunch, but we will stop each day for anyone who desires to purchase a lunch ($10-15 per day).

This tour also includes the price of water on the bus and all tips/gratuities.

Sample Itinerary

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