Tour Registration

We are so happy to have you join us on our GoIsrael 2020! Tour!  Our friend Nir at Nitzan Travel Services is taking care of all of our travel itinerary.  He will provide personal service for all of your needs.  In order to begin registration, please download the following form and send it to the email address or fax number listed on the form.

GoIsrael 2020 Registrations

Pricing Information:

Please understand that we have done our best to include everything in the tour price so that this price reflects the actual tour costs (except the daily lunch…which most people decide to skip since we will be having a buffet breakfast and dinner).  While we cannot “nail down” a definite price until October 2019, our quoted price will not exceed $3995 per person (for a double occupancy room).  This includes everything from airfare, taxes, transfers, accommodations, food, water on the bus, and even gratuities.  Once we have confirmed the price we will communicate that to all registered participants.