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“Key Word” Sermon Outlines

The legacy of my mentor, Dr. Spiros Zodhiates can be summed up in the work of his life in the Key Word Study Bible and The Complete Word Study New Testament.  He spent his life writing, and refining this work, and teaching the Greek New Testament.  For 15 years I was privileged to sit under his tutelage. I am forever grateful for his teaching.  But he was more than a teacher.  He was an example…a pattern of godliness.

These Key-Word Study outlines are my effort to continue the legacy of Dr. Zodhiates.  These outlines are intended to be study helps for believers and encouragement to pastors and teachers.  It is my prayer that these study outlines will encourage you to spend time with the text so that when you preach you “preach the word”!  Please do not use these outlines as your sermon.  You should spend time for yourself in the text!  Use these outlines to make you think about the text so that your feet are firmly planted in the Word every time you stand before God’s people.  And may the Lord grant a new generation of preachers, pastors, and missions pioneers who carry on the work with the same passion of Dr. Zodhiates.

Your comments and helpful criticisms are appreciated and will be useful as I continue to evaluate the content of this sight.

Thank you!