My Story…

I’ve heard hundreds of people tell me about all of the “religious hypocrites” that they’ve seen over the years.  You know…the one that you might see at the bar on Saturday night but ostensibly “singing praises” on Sunday morning in church.  Well, please forgive me.  I mean it.  I was that religious hypocrite.

I never understood the Gospel of Jesus Christ…the REAL good news and when I thought about “church” I only thought about religion.  Religion is man’s way (on the outside) of trying to “get to God”.  It’s man’s way of trying to impress God (whatever god that might be).

Thanks for taking time to visit this page in order to learn more about the Gospel.

There are many places that you can go to learn about the Gospel.  Here is one video of about 12 minutes that will help you to understand:

I would love to send you a book at no charge to you.

679216You can choose “Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart” by J.D. Greear: “For years J.D. Greear though he was alone in his struggle to find assurance of salvation.  But after countless conversations with Christians of all ages, he has concluded that a lack of assurance is epidemic.  Could truncated and sometime careless ways we explain the gospel be contributing to the problem?  In Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart, J.D. explains that reducing conversion to a prayer often grants assurance to those who shouldn’t have it and keeps it from those who should” (from the back cover).

9781845503437Or you can choose Life 2: What Happens when You Die” by Alec Motyer. “Many ideas of what happens at the end of this life have entered mainstream public thought.  In the post-modern mindset, all are equally valid and all are equally possible–but are they all equally though through?  Some popular notions just don’t stand up to careful enquiry and, given the importance of the subject, surely we at least should submit to them” (from the back cover).



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